Brace up for challenges, Don tells journalists


Ugonma Cokey, Lagos

Prof. Oloruntola Sunday

A University Don, Professor Oloruntola Sunday, has advised practicing and aspiring journalists to brace up for challenges as they will surely come.

Recounting his challenges as a reporter, newspaper distributor and lecturer, he advised journalists against allowing what they are passing through affect their vision.

Professor Sunday was speaking on “My newsroom to Classroom experience: Lessons and Opportunities” at the August meeting of Journalists for christ, JfC.

“Be focused,and not be lazy, do your best at what you are doing, someone is noticing you” he said.

The God factor
According to Professor Sunday, “when you do little, don’t forget the God- factor, call on God, try your best,be focused and prayerful ”

The Don asserted that: “based on your vision, people will bring something to you, cleave to people who will boost your career, God will bring people in your path, always work with people whose interests tally with yours'”

He said journalists should not allow their immediate need to take away their future.


While recounting his challenges he said there was a God-factor in what happened to him, “God- factor, mercy of God has worked for me, I was selling newspaper even with my Masters, I did nylon business when there was no job” he said.

According to him, aspiring journalists have wide areas to explore with the unbundling of the Mass Communications department.

He advised journalists to be hardworking and focused and not prioritise financial inducement in the discharge of their duties, saying: “wherever you will get to, you will get to.”

The university lecturer of Mass Communications has two Master’s degrees, one in the sciences.

He spent 12 years in the newsroom before crossing over to the classroom.

Edited by Eniola Ajayi 

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