Biggest earthquake hits California on Independence Day


Eniola Ajayi

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Thursday hit southern California as the United States celebrates its 243rd Independence Anniversary.

The earthquake believed to be the biggest in decades occurred around 10.33 a.m. and was felt in Los Angeles, Kern and San Bernardino Counties as well as in some cities in Orange county.
Many residents panicked at the event which saw many calling 911 and quickly making frantic calls to friends and family members to know how they were faring.

An international student from Nigeria who craved anonymity said he was in the city of Tustin at the time of incident.

“I suddenly noticed that the chair in which I was sitting in started vibrating, I quickly looked around to decipher what was going on and I started praying silently because I thought the building was collapsing. It was really scary,” he added.

A resident of Anaheim, Eunice Aden while narrating her experience said she had never had such a close encounter with tremor.

“I had to quickly call my hubby to share my experience with him because I was afraid; I only read and hear of earthquakes in news but not this close, although I know it’s not totally strange in a State like California which explains why most buildings are wooden,” she stressed.

Another witness- Mary Kimberly said she felt some vibrations while in bed and she quickly alerted her neighbours.

Impact Assessment

The impact assessments have so far shown that no damage is noticeable as officials in Los Angeles are yet to get any report of accidents or injuries.
Although, local emergency agencies have been inundated with calls but the Los Angeles Police Department while confirming the incident says

“We are very much aware of the significant earthquake that just occurred in Southern California. Please DO NOT call 9-1-1 unless there are injuries or other dangerous conditions. Don’t call for questions please,” the LAPD said in a statement.

In 1994 a 6.6 magnitude earthquake killed dozens of people and caused billions of dollars in damage in Northridge.

President Trump briefed

The US President, Donald Trump assured citizens that everything was under control. In a tweet some moments after the quake, Trump said he had been briefed on the situation in Southern California.

Independence celebration

Meanwhile, the 2019 Independence Day celebration witnessed a large turnout of citizens in the nation’s capital Washington for parades and march-pasts.

Although there were concerns about additional costs on the part of taxpayers, President Donald Trump affirmed that the 2019 celebration expenses could not be compared with the significance of the day.

The Independence celebration is usually bankrolled from donations, the Interior Department and the Defence Department.

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