Don gives conditions for in-flux of Industries in Nigeria


Don gives conditions for in-flux of Industries in Nigeria

Professor Lateef Sanni, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and the immediate past Governing Council Chairman, Oyo State College of Agriculture and Technology ( OYSCATECH ), Igboora has given conditions for the influx of industries in Nigeria.

Professor Sanni who explained that government does not need to set up businesses on its own but posited that government must act as catalyst that would facilitate easy business environment for industries to spring up.
He revealed that industries must have access to capital and credit facilities at accessible single digit interest rate coupled with workable moratorium period.

According to Prof. Sanni, “until government makes policies that will make Nigerians to eat what Nigerians produce, for instance, when Ibadan people produce what Ibadan people would eat, industries would not spring up.

“Until 2002, we had cashew industries in Nigeria before most of the manufacturing companies started closing up as a result of infrastructural failure. Imagine, Nigerians prefer to buy cashew from India, Malaysia, Singapore etc. Instead of buying it in Ibadan, that is the reason for which government must come up with policies that will make Nigerians to consume what they produce


Opeyemi Olàwore

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