It’s gone full circle at Man Utd, but 10 reasons to stick with Solskjaer


Manchester United fans discuss the situation under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and did Jurgen Klopp get his squads right this week? All in our forum…


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Ancelotti for Everton

well done and congratulations to Everton for moving quickly and getting a VERY good p[roven manager in very quickly





‘Everton better off with Big Dunc’

The only thing proven about Ancelotti is that wherever he goes he gets the sack. He’s another Clouseau, well past his sell by date.

Personally think Everton would have been better off making big Dunc manager than Carlo ‘Sacked Again’ Ancelotti but that’s their problem. Dunc has transformed them in 2 games by threatening them as opposed to mollycoddling them. We may have Arteta at the helm and that will be interesting.

Either way I expect Everton to be up for it whilst our gutless couldn’t care less about the club bottlers will continue to look like a relegation side. Everton to turn up and win.

The Oracle


City not in the title race

For me, City are currently not in the title race but if they win their next 8-10 games, who knows. If we can manage to get 3 points against Leicester though, it puts a dent in Leicester and also a little further one in City, as there arent many games now where you’d say “it’s a coin toss on the day”.

Leicester for me are definitely contenders but we’ve just got to keep collecting those 3 points. It’s our job to try and put them out of contention, which will be very difficult after the WCC and the injuries we’re carrying.

Sean you’re dead right there, the CL win was validation for the quality we possess. It’s like piece of mind, in a way. Bloody valuable thing to have in the backs of your minds, when the pressure is on.

Season isn’t over though, no matter how you call it. We’ve some tough fixtures ahead, fatigue and injuries … I’m kinda nervous for the Leicester match TBH.



Did Klopp get squads right?

Regarding Carabao cup Klopp could have taken less players at Doha and use then against Villa. However the kids played well they had their chances and they were unlucky in the first 2 goals.

Their performance was descent and we must congratulate them despite 5-0. We will have 2 matches less in January something which Klopp wanted very much….



Top managers make the right choice when it comes to tough calls and I think he got this just about right. You may have a point regarding some of the fringe players but given how there are 2 games and a PL match against Leicester right after, I imagine his eyes are only on these 3 matches for now.





Watford v Man Utd

Everton game we should have won but they were hyped with a new manager. I have a bad feeling about this one. New manager and they’re playing us. They’ll be up for it and the crowd will be to. We need a early goal to shut them up.



Last night would have been a nice fillup with a good win. We do need a win just to maintain momentum. Greenwood ahead of Martial for me, taking that half chance against Everton was the sign of a natural finisher.



Pogba situation stirs debate

Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

@killyboye Are you saying you think he’s faking being ill for 2-3 days, or are you saying the whole ankle injury is some kind of conspiracy between him and his agent?

Honestly, I think the media love to talk about him, and it’s largely his fault, but according to most at the club, he’s a good trainer and doesn’t cause problems at the training ground.

I also can’t see anyone coming in for him with a huge bid in January.

@blacky I think the Glazers would have final say on the sale of a huge asset like Pogba, if no decent bids came in, they are probably waiting for Real Madrid to come back with a fresh transfer budget in the summer (he’s also on huge wages which limits the buying clubs to 2 or 3 in the world). I don’t think Ole could have thrown him out the door for £20m or in exchange for someone we don’t want on stupid wages. Getting him onside, getting some good performances out of him, then a good fee in the summer is the sensible approach for a manager in this situation.

I suspect he’ll be back against Newcastle or Burnley.



@mike, I think he’s playing enough to keep his value up and not get in trouble with the club regarding his contractual obligations but also being ‘injured’ just to show the club he’s not happy and wants to leave. I could be 100% wrong and I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think I am unfortunately.



@killyboy – I don’t think he is injured. I just think he’s on strike, just not officially.

Get real man. Ankle injury takes time to heal and he tried to comeback too soon and as a result had it casted again. And he started training already when he was dancing at his brother’s wedding and yes you can still get sick after a party during winter. Stop hating on the guy. He is quality when fit and is exactly what United is missing to break down team that sits deep. Watch him comeback and pull united into top 4 now and Europa league trophy.

theMartial art


It’s had to tell what Blacky really wants, all he does is refute everyone’s opinion but still doesn’t come up with any, you are anti-Ole, i get that, you want him to be sacked but who do you want instead? who do you think is better suited to clear up this mess we are in right now? we all know our players are not up to the required standards to challenge for top 3 which means we’ll have to wait a few transfer windows before we see any good change, as far as the club is concerned for the last 6 years i think this is the first time we are starting to see any change, a slow slow change but still a change in the right direction.

Another thing i don’t get is, Last time when Pogba was hurried back from injury and he played against Rochdale then picked up an injury the next game you were blaming Ole and telling us how clueless he was as a manager, now Pogba is injured again and good old Ole doesn’t want to get a hearing from Blacky again so he decides he’ll wait until he has fully recovered, but what do we know, BLacky still blames Ole and thinks he’s just a manager who got lucky to get the job and will never be any success. Fascinating!!



@libanski – If you are going to quote something as being a fact, firstly it has to be so and secondly you have to be able to prove it to be so. The only thing I have seriously put blame on Ole for (and more so Woodward) with regards to Pogba’s situation is for not moving him on as soon as he went public on wanting out of OT, especially given his track record for downing tools when he (and his agent) don’t get what they want.

As for the rest of your rather desperate rant, I said in conversation with @mike2005 only the other day that my position with Ole is that I am comfortable with waiting until the end of the season for Ole to prove himself as being the man to take our club forward or not, if he doesn’t show that we are sufficiently progressing under him then reluctantly off he has to trot.

I have also said on more than one occasion that if Ole does fail (and I still hope that he doesn’t by the way) then Brendon Rodgers would be my first choice as a replacement. So, that nails your “all he does is refute everyone’s opinion but still doesn’t come up with any” comment.
Is that okay for you now matey?, or do you need me to draw you a diagram as well?



@tma, that’s why I hate the guy, when he’s fit he has the potential to be a quality player but more often than not he doesn’t deliver on that potential. We’ve only ever seen flashes of his best in a United shirt. He’s yet to go on a run of consistently delivering on the £85m or so of potential that we bought. It’s time to sell and get at least a return on the money we paid and get Raiola out of the club too. It’s the one reason I’d be inclined NOT to buy Haaland, his agent!



He also went AWOL once Ole got the job full time from March onwards last season mate. Fact is, nobody can deny the talent is there, but if your head is not in the game 100% then it’s impossible for the talent to come through consistently.
I’m afraid Martial is very similarly afflicted, just imagine if he had someone like Eric’s or Mark Hughes’s desire to bully his opponents into submission, he would be worth 100m plus.



It’s gone full circle at United

It feels to me we have gone full circle.

I started supporting United in 1985 towards the end of Ron Atkinson’s reign.

Back then we had a shotgun approach to squad building with alot of players who lacked the attitude off the pitch who could be consistent enough to win us the title.

Just like in the last 6 years these players could put a good cup run together win us a trophy and paper over the cracks to allow the board to continue making the same mistakes thinking their on the right path to glory.

When Fergie came in he had alot of decisions to make, under Atkinson we had never finished outside the top 4 teams and in Fergies 1st full season we finished 2nd.

Fergie then decided to be ruthless selling stalwarts like McGrath Stapleton Whiteside Olsen Strachan. This left the squad languishing in mid table and everyone calling for Fergie to be sacked.

The new squad consisted of experience players like Robson and McClair and Fergies 1st wave of kids the young fergie fledglings remember Russel Beardsmore lol.

Fergie then added the likes of big Pete Bruce Palister Parker Irwin ince over time until Catona became the final piece in the jigsaw that took us over the line.

Once he rebuilt the foundations of this club he was able to bring in the class of 92 to continue his dominance and be the spine and heart of his team until 2013.

This is what Ole is trying to recreate he has already ripped out the core experience players of this team who were always guaranteed to get us in top 6 but could never find the character to deliver us a title or even top 4.

He like Fergie was after culling the squad in the 80s been left with a young team that will need experience and hungry mid 20s players added to the squad to give us the consistent performances needed to win us the title.

Will it work for Ole like it did for Fergie who knows in Edward Fergie had someone just as clueless as Woodward but Fergie was strong and determined.

My hope is that if anything Ole can restores the winning family culture of this club because in the last 6 years we have had way to many players and managers attitudes I just didnt like who were all about themselves rather than the club.

Example Origi sits on bench for Liverpool all season only to come off the bench and score important goals that helped win the Champions League now hes back sitting on the bench happy to play his part without a complaint showing no ego.

We used to have to have players like that one of them is our manager now and that’s what we need to get back to developing our own and scouting correctly.

It took Fergie 5 years to build his empire and then others 5 years to destroy it lol.



Interesting post IKA. I s’pose the one thing Fergie didn’t have to deal with, which Ole does, is a generation of spoilt impatient keyboard warriors who judge a player after 10 games and call him tactically inept!

In your opinion do you see him building a team that can compete for the title?



10 reasons to stick with Ole

Good post @ika

1. Ole was the head of the youth for United.
2. Went to Molde and had huge success knocking Rosenborg down from the top.
3. Cardiff was already rubbish and Ole couldn’t save them. Fair enough.
4. Went back to Molde and had success again winning titles.
5. Where did Pep come from when he took over Barcelona? Youth team, straight to first team.
6. City, which already had a good squad were not great first season with Pep. Pep got billions to spend on exactly the players he wanted. Why? Because the club believed in him. He was given time.
7. Ole in total had much more experience than Pep when taking over one of the biggest clubs in the world.
8. Ole is doing things right, but has been very unlucky with injuries this season. Pogba has barely played and Martial was out for a long time.
9. Ole needs transfer-windows and backing from the board to get the right players.
10. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We don’t say Ole out every time we lose. Be patient

theMartial art


Happy believe me fans were just as impatient in the late 80s as they’re now especially considering we hadn’t won the title since the 60s.

Believe me Fergie was playing worse football than Ole is now but what you wasn’t seeing was the work he was doing off the pitch to get club back to the heights of Busby.

As a 11 year old I was to immature to see this but my Dad had faith in Fergie all along because he could see what he was doing behind the scenes.

I am now 43 and like how my Dad was when I was a 11. Right now I am looking at a manager getting rid of the experience deadwood and playing a team week in week out with with an average 6 to 7 players 22 or under and only 3 to 4 players over 25 and unless Mata plays none over 28. Although the team is so young they haven’t been beaten by a team in the top 7 and won most of them.

Let’s compare that to Liverpool team only one player Trent 21 who is under 26. All of their players are at their peak and if you look at alot of those players when they were the same age as most of the players in our 1st 11 they just as inconsistent. Also Klopp had the same issues Ole is having in his 1st few seasons at Liverpool great results against the top 6 dropping silly points to the mid to lower table teams.

For me the problem we have at present is that alot of fans are to young to remember how we built the foundations to become dominant in English football and only started supporting us during the domination because of their age.



It’s an interesting debate. Whilst I can see the resemblance in terms of the game plan, there are a couple of significant differences:

1.) There weren’t the sugar-daddy club mentalities that are found in today’s culture: Ole will not be given 5 years to be successful because the owners want to be successful in terms of making money in the short term – will they back Ole if we keep missing Champions League for the next 2 to 3 years in the hope that we will win the league afterwards or would they prefer a manager to come in and get us into the CL immediately and get us the CL money?

2.) Football is a business now and managers now need to deal with extravagant agent demands, moody footballers who get their d*cks sucked by their entourage on a daily basis and think everyone and everything owes them the world. When Fergie joined he had to deal with men – Ole has to deal with sweet 16 princesses (bar a couple of players who legitimately look like they want to fight for it).

3.) Fergie had to deal with a singular mentality (British club with British players); nowadays Ole has to deal with players of different cultures and keep a very different team united even when not winning matches: he’s trying to change the mentality and make it British but will take quite a time – will he get it?

Sympathy for the Devils


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