KLM The ‘Minority Leader’


The House of Representatives consists of 360 members across 360 federal constituencies. The ruling APC has 190 members, the leading opposition PDP has 151 members, while the balance of 19 is shared by other parties. One of the members from other parties is Hon. Kolawole Lawal Mobolorunduro, otherwise known as KLM. He is the only member from the relatively unknown Allied Peoples Movement (APM) in Ogun State. He represents Egbado South/Ipokia Federal Constituency. He is the only APM member in the 9th National Assembly.

He was a gubernatorial aspirant in the 2019 elections in Ogun State under the APC. As providence would have it, he was not considered for the plum job due to political intrigues.

To many party men, KLM was the man to beat. Some of his admirers already considered him as the Governor-in-waiting. The man has been associated for so long with the 2019 governorship race. He has more or less, become the issue in most political circles. Knowledgeable and widely respected, KLM, 55, accountant, and the immediate past Ogun State Commissioner for Forestry, has participated actively at the ward, council and state politics.

A thorough digest of his personality, especially his evolution from a humble background to stardom, reveals him as an epitome of many virtues, ranging from resilience to self-motivation, hard work, vision, sagacity, integrity, kind heartedness and humility.

KLM possesses all those qualities. Besides, the 55-year-old politician is immensely smart and shrewd in his ways. He is an engaging speaker, who shoots straight. He is exciting, not a bore by any means. He has established himself as a serious political commentator whose views must be taken seriously because of his enormous capacity for good. KLM is by all accounts a man of enterprise, a diligent crusader for a wide range of genuine causes from which he does not retreat, even when the odds are high and the opposition is thick.

To begin the story of KLM from the beginning: Born on September 24, 1962 at Oke-Odan in Yewa South Local Government Area of Ogun State, he was a strong member of APC. He belongs to Oke-Odan ward in Yewa South Local Government Area, Ogun West Senatorial District of Ogun State. He has been morally and financially involved in all party activities, from his ward and the wards around him, through to the state.

With providence propelling him all the way, he has been able to blend all the qualities, overtime, to reach the pinnacle of his chosen profession while impacting positively on humanity.

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