Man Utd injury crisis a real concern; Liverpool fans argue over Van Dijk partner


Manchester United fans react to the current injury crisis at the club ahead of their clash with Leicester, Liverpool supporters debate who should partner Virgil van Dijk at the back and Chelsea readers can’t get their head around the club’s problems with injuries – all in Your Says of the Day.


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Man Utd fans worried about injury crisis

Anyo word on AWB? I fear even Maguire will struggle if we’re weakened to the point where he’s surround by Young and A.N. Other at full back



Wow so Pogba, Shaw, Marial, AwB, Bailly and Dalot are out for the weekend Lingard is a doubt.. I’m taking back my prediction, I’m afraid we’ll lose this one but I’ll still predict a narrow win going for a scrappy 1-0 win



Wonder what the team will be like… I’m thinking this:

De Gea
AWB – Lindelof – Maguire – Young
Fred – Matic – McTominay
Periera – Rashford – James

That looks closer to a Championship team rather than a Champions League team…

Sympathy for the Devils


Sympathy – I think it’ll be that team but with Mata instead of Fred. Hard to see where the creativity is going to come from without Pogba. It sounds like AWB will make it though and i’m sure Lingard will somehow manage to start the game…!



I don’t know lads… predicting a line-up this weekend is tough.. wouldn’t be surprised if Ole rings me up to play at right back the way things are going!

Let’s all hope for the best.

Sympathy for the Devils


Who should partner Virgil van Dijk at Liverpool?

Virgil van Dijk TEAMtalk

I would give VVD a rest with Gomez deputising for him.



captkirk, in the ideal world, yes, but ALL of our centre backs need an organizer next to them. Neither Lovren, Matip or Gomez have the leadership that Virgil has and even tho the likes of Joelinton don’t get the service they need he’s still a handful and he would relish coming up against a back line with VVD. Start with Virgil and if the came is out of Newcastle’s hands completely on the hour mark then bring him off (unlikely to happen).

Rob Fort Worth TX


You are right Rob, but if we consider how Matip has been playing it would be a good thing to partner him with Gomez, because there is a distinct possibility that he now take on some organisational responsibility. If we never give him a chance we’ll never know.

Gomez also needs to start some games for his development. If VVD gets injured we’ll throw him into action against tougher opposition and that can be detrimental to our aims for the season.



Easy team selection for me, pick our usual strongest eleven tomorrow, and for every Premier League game, and leave rotation for the cups.

Having said this, if it is going really well, I’d give some of our subs even a whole half of playing time. I’m talking about Shaqiri, Origi, Milner and Ox here.

As always we must never underestimate our opponents, and give them the utmost respect, but still aim to crush them and finish the game off before half-time



Why so many injuries at Chelsea?

See Billy Gilmour is injured with a groin strain another one of our youngsters, is this to do with our training or is it that the youngsters bodies are in the transitional stage between lad and senior.



Possibly devchels it could be down to the development, however I feel there may be more to it.

Rudiger, Kante & RLC would not fall into that category (CHO would) and all have picked up non contact injuries at tghe tail end of last season.

I seem to remember that at the start of last season a lot was being made of the fact that Sarri had eased off on the training regime that Conte had introduced …… has that contributed to the end of season blight ….. who knows!!
There was critiscm levelled at Sarri after match days from all quarters about having underestimated the pace and physicality of the Prem, so I would suggest if he has underestimated these things during games he will have followed suit in the preparations, and the problem then is you are playing catch up for the rest of the season!

I think then that Frank has stepped up the intensity again, so it will be interesting to see how we finish the season on the injury front.

With the likes of young Gilmour it may well be a case of him pushing himself too hard due to havimng the carrot of 1st team football at both Club and International level being dangled, a case of over eagerness!



NIBLUE with a lot of new coaching staff and physios it could take a little while for the back room team to come together, as you say it will be interesting to see how we finish the season and how many more injuries we sustain



I think all these injuries are strange as they mostly very young players still, speaking for myself I only really started suffering injuries like, hamstrings, calfs and achilles when I was around 33. And it was always heavy training as well. Wonder if they take vitamin supplements cause it does help with certain physical defiencies that they may have.




Henderson worthy of Liverpool starting role?

DaVinci i am curious do you think Henderson is good enough to be a Liverpool player at the moment, do you see him as Liverpool standard?



Mwake, tbh, I think our AM’s need to be upgraded. Or at least one needs to be replaced to add creativity. Fabinho at DM is doing a great job. But either side of him is much of a muchness.

I know they chase and press well but is that all that’s expected of a midfield? Do they have no attacking responsibilities?

I’ve always thought and I’ve always said that I don’t think we’d win the title with Hendo as a first choice regular starter. He was rotated in and out last season as Fabinho took his DM position. Now he’s in a more creative position, I personally don’t think he’s up to it – but we’ll see.

I’m hoping we can stay injury free and the others can carry him to the title this season….Peace



D1rtyH4rry, what sort of ‘evidence’ do you require – like a police report or something? Opta stats tell you ‘what’ has happened, not ‘how’ it happened. So, opinions on players will always be based on what we SEE them doing and HOW they do it.

This is football and it is ALL about opinions – no matter what Ginger would try to have you believe. There are enough LIVERPOOL fans that don’t rate Hendo, let alone blaming the criticisms in the link on Mancs (who I’m sure are overjoyed that Hendo still plays for us). If this thread is actually based on opinions, why is it ‘trolling’ to add the opinions of England fans?

I do actually rate Hendo in that Drinkwater category. I honestly do. Common or garden players who are neither here nor there when it comes to their impact on a game. They are just willing workers (and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing).

Henderson was VERY LUCKY that when he came here, the general level of the team/squad was so low that he managed to survive. By the skin of his teeth he avoided being sold to Fulham by Rodgers (tho I didn’t rate Dempsey either tbh). Drinkwater joined a Chelsea team that was generally levels above him, so it wasn’t a surprise he got little game time. I doubt Henderson woulda been treated much better at Chelsea.

Ginger what irrefutable evidence do you have and how has it been used to ‘prove’ that Hendo is a top quality player?…Peace



“Ginger what irrefutable evidence do you have and how has it been used to ‘prove’ that Hendo is a top quality player?”

I’ve produced stats, testimonies, articles etc etc many many times over to refute your assertion that Hendo is “an average footballer with zero leadership qualities”. Others have too but you always ignore them. As well you know.

You are the footballing equivalent of a flat earthier. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
At this stage you’re just a figure of fun. 😂🤣😂🤣😂



Pepe to come good for Arsenal?

Be interesting to see what midfield he plays, Back five picks its self and having watched that game again although Xhaka totally fucked up on penalty, that aside he did not have a bad game but as I said in reality you cant put that aside unless you go and smash two in to make up for your brain freeze! I make this point not to open the debate again but to suggest he will start along side Gwen and I think Ceb. Then I think he will go with that front 3 again if Laca is fit. If not play Nelson I personally would go with Willock, Gwen and Ceb. I think we have to go with Ozil or Ceb but don’t see ozil getting a look in especially away from home! Hopefully Pepe can open his account still slightly worried he is going to be a gerviniho!



not the slightest bit worried about Pepe, he is already producing fine efforts and dribbling and passing and causing oppo teams trouble, once the first goal goes in i think he will kick on, new club, new country, new league. its been 4 games!

im very excited for once to watch this one



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