NASS Principal Officer, Ado Doguwa sighted writing exams (Exclusive)


Adeleke Saheed – Kano

Leader, House of Representatives – Alhassan Ado Doguwa

A member of Nigeria’s House of Representatives- Alhassan Ado Doguwa was recently sighted in classroom, not as a lecturer or as an inspector, but as a candidate in an examination hall.

Doguwa, representing Doguwa/Tudun Wada Federal Constituency of Kano State under the  auspices of the  All Progressives Congress (APC) was observed at different times either receiving lectures or writing exams alongside other candidates who sat for the Master’s degree in Public Relations (MPR) examination at the Bayero University Kano (BUK).

In one of the instances, he was in full Kano traditional regalia while attending lecture. It was gathered that in that instance, the House of Reps Principal Officer was to attend the presentation of staff of office to the Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado-Bayero.

Doguwa (back row on the right)

Below is an excerpt from another candidate who sat alongside the federal lawmaker throughout the examination:

“The application process was done online and far away from the host city where the programme would be run. There was no clue of the type of people you are going to run the program with but one thing that was sure is the fact that every applicant has a reason to apply. Some may be due to their parent or guardian forcing them, some may be for the sake of work progression, and some for professionalism. Whatever the reason for undergoing a Professional Masters in Public Relations at Bayero University Kano (BUK), but one everlasting off-the-class knowledge that I am taking away from the 2019/2020 Masters in Public Relations class of BUK is the fact that Nigeria still has leaders that can do the right thing without being forced to do so. How many of such is what I cannot tell and I hope this short story of mine will open up the space for actions of such people to be told.

While applying for my Masters Degree, I never thought of running the programme with any high class politician, particularly at the corridors of power. Someone who can knock on the doors of Mr President and the door would be opened without any questions. But here he was one Friday morning when lectures finally resume after the long COVID-19 nationwide lockdown which forcefully shifted our academic pursuit of 2020 to 2021. He came into the class after brief chats with the Head of Department, Mass Communication, Dr Mainasara Kurfi after spending some time with Dr Nura Ibrahim who is the HOD Information and Media Studies in the same BUK Faculty of Communication.

For some of us who recognized him as a principal officer in the present 9th National Assembly, but never knew he was a student like us, we thought he only came to pay a visit to his Alma-Mata from where he obtained his first Degree in 1990 with a First Class. We later got to know that he was actually one of us and duly registered as Alhassan Ado Garba with the Registration number SPS/19/MPR/00009.

Ado Doguwa captured in group photographs among student colleagues

That first Friday of the present Majority Leader of the House of Representatives- Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa as he is fondly called, did not go without few clicks of camera with the Honourable Leader captured scribbling few words down. His aide taking the shots ensured that he took different angles to establish the fact that his master was actually in a lecture hall receiving academic lectures. Sincerely I had thought that was it, he has gotten evidence to prove that he actually did a professional Masters in Public Relations. But he proved me wrong.

Since that very day, I can only remember Alhassan Ado Doguwa missing lectures for three days. He made himself available every time he had lectures and not only that, he sat and contributed to discussions like every other student. It is not on record that he found fault in any colleague’s contribution, not even when politics creeps into the class discussion.

There was this particular day; the trio of Doguwa, me and another colleague, Abubakar Musa got talking in our early days into the programme, the Majority Leader mentioned that he was actually in school for the knowledge and not to buy or intimidate anybody in getting the certificate as some people would have done, hence his approach to not coming to class with any security detail or any flamboyance of a political leader in a country like Nigeria where power wielders always see themselves as mini-gods.

And truth be told, for the period of our time at BUK up till the time we wrote our final examinations on Saturday 4th September 2021; hardly would you see any security personnel within or around where Alhassan Ado Doguwa was. Rather you would see fellow students discussing lectures or any other area of interest with him. He was so free that I wondered what gave him that confidence to move around freely in this present day Nigeria- more so that you could hardly can tell who is who in an academic environment like a BUK.

He joined a reading club of which he specifically encouraged should be all encompassing irrespective of religion, tribe or social class but yours truly could not make it due to work scheduled. But sincerely he would always appreciate the fact that he gained from discussion of the group during and after our last examination.

He was also instrumental to improving the lives of some colleagues and represented the class well in social gatherings that concerned members of the class of which I would like to leave out of this piece as a result of it being their private affairs.

This piece is just an account of how a man of Doguwa stature could humbly subject himself to what every other student would go through in the quest for academic excellence which he can stand bold to tell the world that he truly got what he worked for.

(ASTA- Member of MPR Class of 2021)

Edited by Eniola Ajayi 


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