Press Freedom Day: JfC expresses concern over fake news



Ugonma Cokey, Lagos 

As media organisations and associations worldwide commemorate the World Press Freedom Day on May 3,2021, Journalists for Christ (JFC), urges media professionals in Nigeria to ensure access to verified and reliable information for the people.

The theme for this year’s celebration “Information as a Public Good” is very apt considering the urgent need, more than ever before, to ensure that people have access to the right information at all times.

A statement signed by JfC President,  Mr Lekan Otufodunrin, acknowledges the revolutionary effects of New media technologies in enhancing freedom of expression, dissemination and access to information.

The body however expressed worry at the level of misinformation and dissemination of fake news.

“Fake news have become the order of the day with many false information and harmful content being disseminated regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and other major crises,” JfC stated.

According to the body of Christian Journalistsand other allied professionas: “In line with the statement by UNESCO Director General, Audrey Azulay, this year’s celebration should call attention to the  essential  role of free and professional  journalists  in  producing  and  disseminating this information, by tackling misinformation and other harmful content.

“In this regard, the media in Nigeria and worldwide need the necessary freedom and support guaranteed by the government to be able to play it’s expected role in properly informing and educating the public.”

JfC therefore stressed that for public good and corporate existence, the right information must get to the people adding that only adequate and healthy contents were empowering and lifesaving.


Edited by Eniola Ajayi 


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