Rights Group Links Poor Policing To Lack Of Ethics, Values


LAGOS – Community Agenda for Peace (CAP), a civil rights group, has hinged the problem of poor policing in Nigeria, particularly the dwindling relationship between the police personnel and members of the public, on the absence of policing capacity, ethics and values existing in the rank and file.

Ambassador Obuesi Phillips, CAP Global Director, a Centre for Public Peace and Conflict Prevention, stated this while addressing the media on the regular conflicts and altercations between the police and the public, explaining that this was due to misunderstanding by police personnel of their roles as stewards of law enforcement in a democracy.

Phillips, who said that Centre for Public Peace and Conflict Prevention hosts regular/monthly capacity building training for police officers on policing ethics, values and stewardship and the training, tagged ‘Policing For Peace’, regretted that officers indulge in acts capable of presenting badly before the public.

This month’s training, he said, would take place on August 20, 2019 at the American Corner, CCHUB Yaba, Lagos.

“We have seen police officers deliberately exceed their official authorities in the enforcement of the law. We have seen officers disobey rules of criminal procedure in arrest, searches, seizures, interrogation, etc.

“We have seen officers oozing of alcoholic beverages while on duty; we have seen police officers openly associate with persons alleged to be known criminals. All these together are acts of professional misconduct and lead to regular altercations between Police officers and members of the public.

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