Turkey Has No Intention To Occupy Any Part Of Syria’


Turkey has no intention to occupy any part of Syria, said Turkey’s presidential spokesman late Monday.

In a live interview over the phone with CNN’s Becky Anderson, spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said, the safe zone in northern Syria has two main goals.

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“The safe zone issue has two main goals. It will secure Turkey’s border — just as Americans care about their border security, we have to take care of our border security. And the second purpose of the safe zone is to provide places for the refugees to return safely and voluntarily,” he said.

Reminding Turkey’s last two military operations in northern Syria, Kalin said Turkey did not occupy any part of Syrian land.

“Turkey has no interest in occupying any part of Syria. We haven’t done so in Jarablus when we fought against Daesh and eliminated 3,000 terrorists there,” Kalin said, and continued: “Or when we entered Afrin, we have not occupied any part of Syria, we have returned those places to the local owners and residents, we have no intention of occupying any parts of Syria in the east of the Euphrates either, and also we have no interest in changing the demographics there.”

“This is not a move against the Kurds. Turkey doesn’t have any problem with the Kurds. We are fighting against a terrorist organization that has killed and oppressed the Kurdish people as well,” he said.

When asked if the resettling of millions of refugees from Turkey back to Syria was not going to cause demographic re-engineering, Kalin answered the PKK/PYD/YPG changed the demography east of the Euphrates.

“We have no interest in altering demographics. It was the PKK/PYD that has changed the demographics there. The refugees in Turkey, which is about 3.5 million from Syria, will go back to the places where they have come from. We are not forcing anybody to go anywhere they don’t want to go,” he added.


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